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KM 420 Sold Krauss Maffei, KM420-2300B2 Serial: 423093
Year: 1995
Tonnage: 420 metric ton
Platen / Tie Bar (H x V): 50”x43”/31.5”x27.95”
L x W x H: 376” x 92.9” x 83.3” (approx.)
Inj. Unit Shot Size: 42 oz
Power: 460V, 3ph, 60 Hz
Note: Magnetic Platen Add-on Not included.
Location: Scarborough, ON
PMC Grinder Sold PMC Grinder Serial: N/A
HP: 7
Power: 575, 3ph, 60 Hz
Mesh: 5/16”
Blades: 2 rotary + 1 Stationary
Opening: 16 x 10” (l x h)
Not Sound proof
Location: Barrie, ON
Nissei FS160S - Sold

Nissei, FS160S36ASE

Serial: S16N126
Year: 1993
Tonnage: 161 metric ton
Platen / Tie Bar (H x V): 685 x 685 mm/ 460 x 460 mm
L x W x H: 6 x 1.13 x 2 m (approx.)
Inj. Unit Shot Size: 394 gm
Power: 575V, 3ph, 60 Hz
Foremost Grinder, 10 HP, MS14 Serial: 22067
Year: N/A
Power: 575V, 3ph, 60 Hz
Opening: 12 x 12″
Location: Brampton, ON
Foremost Grinder, 7.5 HP, HD-1 Serial: 14979
Year: N/A
Power: 575V, 3ph, 60 Hz
Opening: 8 x 10″
Location: Brampton, ON
MilacronSabre 1250 CNC Milling Center Serial: 7037-A00-93-0179
Year: 1993
3 axes: X, Y and Z, 1270 x 660 x 660 mm
Spindle: 8,000 rpm, chilled
L x W x H: 140” x 98” x 125”
Controller: Acramatic 850 SX*
Tool Magazine: Holds 21 tools
Power: 575V, 3ph, 60 Hz
Options: Continuous Feed, 21 Tool Station
NB: * Controller needs new card (Approx cost is $1,500 US)
Location: North York, ON
Nelmor - Sold Nelmor Grinder, 1215RG11 Serial: 880226244
HP: 10
Power: 575, 3ph, 60 Hz
Mesh: 5/16”
Blades: 2 rotary + 2 Stationary
Opening: 15 x 12” (l x h)
Sound proof
Location: Barrie, ON
Temptek - Sold Temptek CF-5A Portable Chiller Serial: 101500
Compressor: 5 HP
Year: 2007
Power: 230, 3ph, 60 Hz
Location: Barrie, ON
Yihawjet Y600DC EDM Serial: S-6044
Year: 04-05-87
Bed Size: 30″ x 18″ (approx.)
Power: 575V, 3ph, 60 Hz
Location: North York, ON
Berg Chiller, 15 Ton, PA-15-2P Serial: W01820A-AA1-0206
Tonnage: 15 ton
Power: 575, 3ph, 60 Hz; 30A
L x w x h: 72 x 30 x 83”
Location: Barrie, ON
Novatec Dessicant Dryer Serial: N/A
2 Bank Regenerative
200 LB Capacity Hoppers
Controller: MCD1000 Controller
Engel ES240 / 80 Serial: 3309-080-88
Year: 1988 Tonnage: 80 metric ton
Platen (H x V): 13.62”x 13.62”
Tie Bar (H x V): 22.44”x 21.74”
L x W x H: 144” x 60” x 72” (approx.)
Inj. Unit Shot Size: 4 oz (approx.)
Controller: Repro 2000P4W
Kawaguichi K180B Serial: IJ ZY3495
Year: 1988 Tonnage: 198 US ton
Platen (H x V): 20” x 17”
Tie Bar (H x V): 28” x 26”
L x W x H: 18.5’ x 4’ x 7’ (approx.)
Inj. Unit Shot Size: 25.68 cu in (approx.)
Milacron Arrow VMC1000 SN: 7049A0B990725
Year: 2000
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM, chilled
Dimension: 10′ L x 7’W x 8′ H (Z axis additional height)
Tool Magazine: Holds 21 tools Travel: 40″X x 20″Y x 20″Z (feedback)
Controller: Aeramatic A2100
Lincoln TEFC Grinder : BP 18 Serial: 950536866
Opening: 10” x 8 ½”
Power: 7.5 HP Amperage / Voltage: 8.2 A / 575V
Speed: 1745 RPM

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